Hollis+Miller Architects
Saint James Academy

Saint James Academy
Lenexa, KS

Located in a growing suburb within the greater Kansas City area, Saint James Academy integrates and adapts to changes in education, spirituality and technology. The new school addresses various forms of learning such as independent learning, cooperative learning, teacher-directed learning and spiritual growth for all ages. St. James is built to accommodate 1,000 students. The three Character Statements below drove the design of this family-oriented and community-friendly high school:

  1. The Chapel serves as the heart of the campus.
  2. Interwoven spaces provide a collaborative learning environment that enhances student interaction, creativity and spirituality.
  3. The Outreach Mission allows students to reach out to the community and invite the community to become an integral part of the school.

St. James is the first parochial school in the area with technology requirements for students.

Total: 165,000 sq. ft. Phase 1: 115,000 sq. ft. Phase 2: 50,000 sq. ft.

Construction Cost:

Archdiocese of Kansas City in Kansas