Hollis+Miller Architects
Longview Farm Elementary School

Longview Farm Elementary School
Lee's Summit, MO

Longview Farm Elementary School is the Lee's Summit R-7 School District's 16th elementary. The Hollis + Miller team renovated the historic Longview Showhorse Arena into a 21st Century elementary school with flexible and technology-friendly spaces. The front entry preserves the general appearance of the original grave and includes the gravesite of Revelation, one of Loula Long Comb's prize-winning show horses.

The school is designed to house approximately 650 students in kindergarten through sixth grades. The 8.6 acre site provides payed playgrounds and a soccer field. Classroom and student areas are located in the addition, which is connected by two points with corridors, providing a clear separation of new and original sections.

The open space of the arena is now used for a gymnasium and cafeteria. Stall doors and panels were used as dividers on corridors near the gym. The original barn doors are reused as partitions between the cafeteria and gym, on display cases in the front hallway and have been mounted near the new school entry doors. The library/media center ceiling is opened to the loft space to create more interior volume and bring in natural light through the existing dormer windows. In addition, the library/media center features a preserved horse stall as a reading nook for students. The barn's original fireplace and mantle were refurbished and are now a non-working fireplace in the entry area

A new cupola designates the main student entry from the south and provides a sense of scale and visual connection between the two structures. From all sides, the arena remains the dominant visual element. The design team restored original materials such as red clay roofing tiles, stucco and wood trim within the existing building.

Total: 71,207 sq. ft. Reno: 30,247, New: 40,960

Construction Cost:

Lee's Summit R-7 School District

A.L. Huber

Thanks to an innovative partnership involving the R-7 School District, Gale Communities and the City of Lee’s Summit, the school was constructed at a significant savings to the school district.