Hollis+Miller Architects
Staley High School

Staley High School
Kansas City, MO

Hollis + Miller Architects is the architect for the North Kansas City School District’s 80-acre educational complex -- the first LEED certified school in Missouri.  The site includes Staley High School and an adjacent District Athletic Complex. A 48-acre green space with three ponds and two streams surrounds the school. Hollis + Miller led charrette sessions with the district and city regarding site and building design issues.

The 314,000 sq. ft., two-story Staley High School has a 1,500 student capacity with the potential for 2,000 with a Phase II expansion. Staley will be comprised of four distinct areas: Physical Education/Gym Wing; Fine Arts and Practical Arts Wing; Great Hall/Commons, Library/Media Center, and Administrative Complex; and Instructional Wing. In order to minimize the building footprint, the floor plan is composed of three rectangular “wings” radiating from a curvilinear ”connector” portion. Staley features two competitive gymnasiums, a 750-seat auditorium and a “flex” theater.

The primary functional determinate of this building is flexibility. Spaces are configured to accommodate a variety of interactions. Large, small and individual gathering spaces are placed in close proximity to each other. Spaces are provided for use by adults, children and higher education groups.  Through the use of operable partitions and spatial adjacencies, many spaces are able to change their size and performance to suit different functions.

The centerpiece of the building is the Great Hall. This is a two-story serpentine space through which all students and staff pass to access the various facilities. This multifunctional space serves as a lobby for the gymnasium and the auditorium, includes both large and small gathering spaces, and has facilities for display of student work.

The High School was built according to U.S. Green Building Council certification standards. The LEED site itself consists of approximately 12.7 acres of open grassland bordered on the east and west with semi-active creeks wooded with mature trees and existing ponds. 

314,000 sq. ft.

Construction Cost:

North Kansas City School District

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