Hollis+Miller Architects
East Middle School

East Middle School
Joplin, MO

The new Joplin East Middle School is designed to house more than 750 middle school students grades 6 thru 8 in this rebuilding school district. Hollis + Miller Architects designed the new middle school on a 36-acres site.  Significant effort and time was spent soliciting input from school district patrons through a series of community forums/work sessions. The result is a design that embraces the school district vision and goals for middle school education.

One key concept that Hollis + Miller employed was to created collaborative learning environments.  The academic team houses have a variety of three spaces to learn.  First, small conference areas for small team learning was created which is adjacent to medium size group learning areas.  Finally, large team areas were created as a focus area within the academic team area.

Completion Date:
January, 2014

125,800 sq. ft.

Construction Cost:

Joplin School District

Universal Construction