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Olathe Northwest High School

Olathe Northwest High School
Olathe, KS

An expanding population in Olathe U.S.D. #233 required the construction of a fourth high school with 305,000 square feet and an initial capacity of 1,500 students. Goals for this project were to design a facility that would take High School education into the 21st Century, incorporating flexibility of space, user security and up-to-the-minute technology. The organization of the facility develops around a 12,000 square foot exterior courtyard that unifies the two-story academic wings with the exploratory arts curriculum. This creates a separation between the quiet academic spaces and the louder public spaces. The secured exterior space also allows natural light into the information center and commons. The main entrances lead to the lobby and exhibit link that connects the two halves of the building and offers views into the courtyard. The interior courtyard provides inherently secure space for outdoor activities. The facility is zoned for different functions and different hours of use; flexible not only physically but technologically. Each classroom wing is designed to allow the District to change from a departmental philosophy to an academic team philosophy in the future. Major spaces were designed to allow multiple uses, such as the 200-seat flex theater, the 2,300-seat gym with an operable wall to create an auxiliary gymnasium, and classrooms with moveable storage and furnishings. The school also includes an 816-seat auditorium with state-of-the-art technology. The design provides a safe and secure environment with the ability to easily monitor the majority of the students. Two central corridors provide the ability to observe the students as they travel between classes. Teachers workrooms in the academic wing are placed at key points of entry to monitor activity around the classroom wings.

Olathe Northwests flexible spaces can accommodate either a departmental or academic team philosophy.

305,000 sq. ft.

Construction Cost:

Olathe Unified School District No.233