Hollis+Miller Architects
Rockville Elementary School

Rockville Elementary School
Louisburg, KS

Louisburg, KS one of the fastest growing suburbs in the southern Kansas City metropolitan area.   In 2005, Hollis + Miller Architects led a district-wide long range plan to address the district’s rapid growth needs, assess existing facility needs, and future school locations.  The process was highly collaborative incorporating multiple community wide forums, district staff forums, and board of education work-sessions.  One aspect of the long-range plan was to design the new Rockville Elementary as a multi-phased school.  Despite the large population of the school, the district’s vision was to provide engaging learning environments by maintaining small learning settings that are flexible, collaborative, secure, filled with daylight, and, most importantly, inviting and open.

Oriented to face the greater community, the school is master-planned as a conjoined concept that will be completed in two phases.  Each phase has a student population of 500 for a total of 1000 students.  The initial phase houses grades K-2 and the final phase will house grades 3-5. 

A multitude of space types allows the ability to accommodate a variety of learning styles and teaching methods.  Spaces like the Neighborhood Activity Rooms, Commons, Media Center, and the Multi-Purpose Room.
Each side of the master-planned school features its own outdoor learning space and playgrounds ensuring proper play spaces for specific ages.

Casework has been minimized and furniture maximized to provide ultimate flexibility in learning and teaching. 

82,450 sq. ft.

Construction Cost:

Louisburg Unified School District No. 416

J.E. Dunn Construction