Hollis+Miller Architects


Government and municipal projects are unique because multiple group have a stake in the final product. Hollis + Miller Architects strives for solutions that satisfy all stakeholders. Our goal is to design safe and attractive community-friendly buildings that accommodate a variety of activities. We understand the technical and administrative operations that help dictate the building design. Our approach involves all stakeholders and promotes "buy-in" to recommendations and implementation plans. We help to build community consensus for the need and importance of the project.

Space Planning Assessment

We evaluate facilities and function areas for current conditions and potential future utilization. The tools we use include: experience with similar type projects, review of established project goals, and evaluation of existing facilities and possible renovations.


Individual and group interviews of management, staff, residents and businesses provide the project team with a variety of insights into your operations and future needs.

Cost Analysis

Both future capital and annual operating costs of improvements are estimated.

Comparative Data

Comparative data from similar operations is obtained and evaluated.

Direct Observation

Observation of daily operations and activities by experienced HMG project team members.


The use of workshops brings stakeholders to consensus regarding future needs and “buy-in” regarding the recommended changes.